PopCore: network-centric recommendations
PopCore: network-centric recommendations

People often rely on the collective intelligence of their social network for making choices, which in turn influences their preferences and decisions. By treating recommendations as embedded in a social network, many interesting questions emerge. Network-centric recommendations provide a domain that invites looking at the bigger picture of how recommendations interact with the world. How might accounting for influence affect algorithm design?How does interface design affect influence processes? And how do the recommendations generated by those algorithms in turn affect the people and the networks that receive them?

Our first work in this space is PopCore, a project that aims to use your friends' interests and preferences to better understand your tastes and provide recommendations. Currently, we are looking at the entertainment domain, including books, movies and tv shows. It runs as an app on Facebook, and soon you'll be able to try it out.

Active: (Faculty) Dan Cosley (Phd) Amit Sharma
Past: (Masters) Sneha Kanneganti, Michael Triche, Shruti Gautam (Undergraduate) Yulan (Lannie) Miao, David Bodin, David Bodin (Staff) Meethu Malu
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