Goalmometer is the general name for a project inspired by Sara Drenner's Thesis Thermometer. This was a piece of paper, with a series of boxes (not unlike a United Way donations thermometer), a set of stickers, and the instructions to add a sticker whenever "there was progress".

This was cool because a thesis is hard to reduce to a to-do list, and because progress is often situational/situated: four pages of writing based on another article wasn't necessarily progress, whereas two tough paragraphs on a busy day were totally sticker-worthy.

Decoupling progress from specific tasks seems to have a number of nice properties: supporting a wider range of goals than to-do lists, resisting the reduction of productivity to task completion, and perhaps fitting better with people's mental models of how they manage their goals. Visualizing progress also seems to have a number of nice properties, in particular, being able to support reflection and motivation, as well as potentially supporting managing and making progress either in social contexts (teamwork) or through social support.

But we don't know any of this, and that is what this project is about.

Active: (Faculty) Dan Cosley (Phd) Victoria Schwanda Sosik (Undergraduate) Laurence Rosenzweig, Benjamin Shulman
Past: (Masters) Sneha Kanneganti (Undergraduate) Erica Horowitz, Mark Broomfield, LaiYee Ho, Sasha Naranjit, Rachael Passov (Staff) Johnathon Schultz, Meethu Malu, Benjamin Myers, Johnathon Schultz
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