IdeaExpander is a system conceived by Hao-Chuan Wang that monitors an ongoing conversation and presents pictures related to the conversation. The original goal was to support group brainstorming; informed by models of associative memory and theoretical and empirical work on the processes and pitfalls around brainstorming, our goal was to present pictures as stimuli for new ideas without sacrificing the benefits of natural conversation.

We are still working on that aspect, particularly in the context of cross-cultural groups, where the diversity of backgrounds provides both extra potential for idea generation but also extra potential pitfalls for collaborative idea generation. We are also exploring ways to use IdeaExpander to support machine translation, allowing conversational partners to speak in their own language and using pictures to help repair the gaps and provide concrete topics of conversation.

Active: none, completed project
Past: (Faculty) Dan Cosley (Staff) Hao-Chuan Wang
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